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Bata Hebel / Bata Ringan Focon
Bata Hebel / Bata Ringan Focon
Bata Hebel / Bata Ringan Focon
Bata Hebel / Bata Ringan Focon
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04 Dec 2019
10 kubik
IDR 580.000

Specification of

Hebel Bricks / Focon Light Bricks.

Focon Light brick is produced by Focon Interlite which is a subsidiary of PT. Focon Indonesia, where its main product is in Paving industry.

Due to the rapid development of infrastructure, property and industry development in Indonesia especially East Java and the higher demand and demand for lightweight and paving stone, Focon Interlite offers AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) lightweight brick products with Bata Ringan Focon brand made of silica sand, lime, gypsum, aluminum powder and cement.

Focon lightweight bricks with high quality can be selected and the best solution of the community in the construction of houses, high buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, housing complexes and others.

By committing to the quality of AAC Lightweight Brick with the best material and paying attention to the environmental care standard in the production process.

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