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10 Oct 2019
10 kubik
IDR 640.000

Specification of

Focon Hebel Bricks/Light Bricks
With the development of technology people have accepted and admitted lightweight brick AAC has been able to replace the role of conventional brick as one of the building materials used as a separator / barrier wall of a room of an arumah or building.
Initially Focon lightweight bricks are considered to be more expensive materials compared to conventional red brick but with the development of AAC light brick industry in Indonesia especially in East Java and the advantages of Focon light brick which is not owned by red brick in terms of practicality, time efficiency and also cost, currently Focon light brick is no longer considered expensive luxury goods but becomes an important requirement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the work of a building let alone a multistory building. Focon lightweight bricks are not only used in multi-storey buildings, but now Focon's lightweight bricks have begun to be widely used in single-storey buildings, given the difficulty of obtaining large quantities of conventional bricks.
Focon Light brick manufactured by PT. Focon Interlite which is a subsidiary of PT. Focon Indonesia located factory in Japanan Gempol - Pasuruan.
Dimension of Focon Lightweight Size "
Length: 60 cm
Height: 20 cm
Thickness: 7.5 cm; 10 cm; 12.5 cm; 15 cm; 20 cm

Advantages of Lightweight Focon Bricks:
1. Lightweight
2. Small heat absorption.
3. Hold fire.
4. Fast installation.
5. Small water absorption.
6. Easy to cut according to need.
7. Can be mass produced in a short time.
8. Dimensions with good precision, deviations ± 1 - 2 mm

Selling Focon Light Bricks
PT. Mitra Tiga Surabaya is one of the company's providers of light bricks Focon in Surabaya, Malang and Jember which have been long distribute this light brick since 2012.
Information and ordering of Focon light brick can contact:

PT. Three Partners Surabaya
Jl. Raya Klakahrejo, shophouses TCBD-TR. 1/11 Kandangan - Surabaya 60198
Tel. (031) 51160405,
Hp. 085100398222, 085331398222, 081231313222, 087852574222, 085806189222, 085733098111

PT. Three Mitra Surabaya Branch Malang
Jl. Ki Ageng Gribig no. 07 Malang
Tel. (0341) 3029622 HP. 082132137447



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