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PT. Tiga Mitra

PT.Tiga Mitra - Jual Bata Ringan Murah dan Renovasi Rumah
 Hebel Bricks / Focon Light Bricks in Jember
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Sell Hebel Bricks / Focon Light Bricks in Jember

Specification of Hebel Bricks / Focon Light Bricks in Jember

Selling Hebel Bricks / Focon Light Bricks in Jember
Good news for Focon light brick customers in Jember, Lumajang, Banyuwangi, get Focon light brick promo price only in December 2017 only at PT. Three Mitra Surabaya Branch Jember.
Immediately contact and get the promo price.
At the end of this year we are giving discounts or discounts as year-end promotions for Focon light bricks.
Focon Light brick has been well known by the people in Jember and its surroundings, many bricks have been used both in large-scale projects as well as individuals for private homes. Focon lightweight brick quality in which has more advantages compared with red brick which is still widely used such as:
• Milder bricks have better compressive strength
• Lightweight brick weighs less so as to reduce the burden of building structures
• Angled angles and precision dimensions so that the installation is more practical and faster than the use of red bricks
• More soundproof
• More resistant to fire
• More impermeable
• Better stock availability
• More economical

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PT. Tiga Mitra

Welcome to PT. Tiga Mitra. We are a company that established since 2013 engaged in industrial , Instan Cement. We were in Jl. Klakahrejo-Ruko TCBD-TR1/11-Benowo. Discover the variety of our best products (Bata Ringan Murah, Renovasi Rumah, Semen Instan, Panel Pager Beton, Panel Lantai Murah, Jasa Bangun Rumah) with quality and the best price you can get.

PT. Tiga Mitra

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