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Brick Light Brix
Brick Light Brix
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10 Oct 2019
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IDR 630.000

Specification of

Mild brick AAC Cheap brands of BRIX is ready to serve your building material needs


Mild brick AAC "BRIX" is a mild type of brick Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), this lightweight material is Brick building material that has a light weight and has been widely in use as a couple walls of houses/buildings/buildings.Light BRIX brick produced by PT JayaBrix Indonesia with all the considerations that are environmentally friendly, both in terms of recycling, process, raw materials, Assembly, and until the time of the buildings in the country.


The advantages of brick light BRIX:



  1. Lightening brick light-light BRIX helps reduce dead weight to the building structure and eases the installation.
  2. Fast, neat, accurate and efficient light BRIX has brick-sized pr

esisi, differences in size on each brick light BRIX is extremely small (2 mm). So the neater and faster installation. The lightweight characteristics also speeds up installation and reduces the manpower needed in conventional brick appeal. In addition, the calculation of the budget estimates of the cost of workmanship was so much more accurate.

  • Soundproof-brick light BRIX could give convenience in the use of the room. Reduce noise pollution from outside as well as safeguard privacy in a room
  • . The air in the small pores in the light BRIX separate bricks grow mute, impeding the course of sound waves in the air.
  • Resistant lightweight brick-strength jolts BRIX is helpful in holding the jolts. In addition to the strong, lightweight bricks very lightly so that the BRIX impact jolts the light BRIX masonry is very minimal.
  • A good insulator-brick light BRIX can inhibit the merambatnya hot air from outside into the buildings, make the room/
  • in the cooler so the building electricity use ever more diminished. This is the karenakan pores small, separate air and constant keeping of nothingness in the light BRIX brick. So the conduction of heat was very inhibited.
  • The low water light brick-resapan BRIX has a strong structure of microparticles, the pores of the brick light BRIX helps minimize cracks that run. So as inhibit slits water to percolate.
  • The reduced impact of the ugly against li
  • ngkungan (environmentally friendly)
  • Can be recycled so that waste is reduced
  • Precision in the size of the brick light BRIX reduces waste
  • Insulation the heat given by the brick light BRIX can save energy
  • More the lack of raw materials needed to produce the same wall of polygons, making a light brick production processes more environmentally friendly to BRIX. Thus the use of fewer natural resources than the process of pe
  • mbuatan conventional brick.

    Mild brick AAC brand BRIX is also very economical in terms of price, the current brick light BRIX in market price levels for sale in Surabaya IDR 625,000 Rp 650,000 cubic depending on the number of volumes/purchase.


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