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PT. Tiga Mitra

PT.Tiga Mitra - Jual Bata Ringan Murah dan Renovasi Rumah
Mild Brick Falcon
Mild Brick Falcon
Mild Brick Falcon
Mild Brick Falcon
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Cheap lightweight brick company type AAC brand Falcon is a provider of light brick materials for buildings-quality with a cheap light weight brick trademark FALCON. Cheap FALCON light brick products manufactured with high-standard technology international, managed by human resources professionals, from lightweight brick materials of high quality and rigorous production control process through a series of precise testing that produced light brick products of high quality.


Brick or concrete masonry products cheap soft light brick of FALCON FALCON and FALCON floor panels light weight concrete.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is the first concrete masonry products from FALCON is made from environmentally friendly materials include cement, silica sand, lime and gypsum, which is processed through the process of aeration and steam curing high pressure so as to obtain a product with a weight of concrete types of light but has a high compressive strength.



Bata cheap FALCON light very precisely and economically used for the construction of multi-storey buildings and the walls of the House because it has properties as follows:


Bata cheap soft light but powerful FALCON, so according to conventional brick replacement. The nature of this Falcon cheap lightweight brickcreate cost saving construction and structures ranging from foundations, columns, beams and floor plate. Because of the burden of building structure being lighter, building resilience against earthquakes for the better. Labour savings also occur in the distribution, transport and removal on the location of the project.


An precision dimensions, elbows and measuring 12 x larger than conventional brick, brick making lightweight inexpensive FALCON only requires a bit of adhesive mortar and plastering the tipis, thus saving in material perekatnya. Cheap lightweight brick size large FALCON also make the work into 3 x faster than conventional brick so that mounting wage workers become cheaper.


Low heat conductivity or thermal insulation, makes a good lightweight bricks cheap FALCON is more resistant and safe against fires. Properties of insulation bricks lightweight inexpensive FALCON also make room temperatures to be cooler due to heat is not affected matahari during the day so that the use of air conditioning and electricity becomes more efficient.


Mild brick sound conductivity cheap FALCON is low or a good sound insulation, to make the room more comfortable and quiet for being able to mute the sound from the outside with a good and more soundproof.

Water absorption of bricks cheap FALCON light low light brick, making cheap FALCON be more watertight so that a room be healthier because the walls are not easily moist and durability of a paint.

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PT. Tiga Mitra

Welcome to PT. Tiga Mitra. We are a company that established since 2013 engaged in industrial , Instan Cement. We were in Jl. Klakahrejo-Ruko TCBD-TR1/11-Benowo. Discover the variety of our best products (Bata Ringan Murah, Renovasi Rumah, Semen Instan, Panel Pager Beton, Panel Lantai Murah, Jasa Bangun Rumah) with quality and the best price you can get.

PT. Tiga Mitra

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