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PT. Tiga Mitra

PT.Tiga Mitra - Jual Bata Ringan Murah dan Renovasi Rumah
Grand Elephant Aac
Grand Elephant Aac
Grand Elephant Aac
Grand Elephant Aac
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IDR 5800000.00

Specification of

Hebel Brick / Brick Light Surabaya AAC Grand Elephant, Autoclave Aerated Concrete

Bricks Lightweight Grand Elephant Using aluminum Pasta For Developers. Hardening Guide By Entering Into Chamber Pressure With High Temperature Autoclave Or Known.

Brick Lightweight Grand Elephant, light weight and Strong Substitute Bricks. Delivers Accuracy, Strength, Economy, Ease of Installation And Speed, As well as neatness In Building Residential, Commercial Buildings, and Industrial Buildings.

Excess Brick Light Surabaya Grand Elephant:

1. Brick Light AAC Grand Elephant Or Abbreviation From autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Have Uniform Size And Quality That Can Easily Generate So Bata The Immaculate Spouse

2. Brick Lightweight Grand Elephant Requires Siar The thickness So Save Use Adhesives

3. Brick Lightweight Grand Elephant Lighter From On Brick Structure Ordinary So Minimize Expenses. Addition Because Lightweight, its transportation to Easier to Do

4. Brick Lightweight Grand Elephant Due to size Bigger Of Bricks So Ordinary Execution Faster Than Usual consumption Bata

5. Brick Lightweight Grand Elephant Required Plastering Its thickness, generally defined only 2.5 Cm Only.

Lightweight Grand Elephant Bata Size:

Length: 60 cm

Width: 20 cm

Thickness: 7.5 cm; 10 Cm; 12.5 cm; 15 Cm; 17.5 cm and 20 cm

Panel Floor Grand Elephant The Massive And Is Reinforced Concrete Floor Plate Replacement Products Practical, Fast, and Efficient And Serves As Floor. Without casting process which allows existence of Activity In Space Down When Work Underway, Ceramic Pun Also Be Installed Directly above it. Floor Panel concluded Aac Tested And Serves As Floor Diaphragm Can Can Distribute Earthquake Load.


Length: 150 cm - 325 cm

Width: 60 cm

Thickness: 12.5 cm

Compressive Strength: 405 Kg / meterpersegi

For info and reservations lightweight brick, floor panels and cement instant contact us immediately.

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PT. Tiga Mitra

Welcome to PT. Tiga Mitra. We are a company that established since 2013 engaged in industrial , Instan Cement. We were in Jl. Klakahrejo-Ruko TCBD-TR1/11-Benowo. Discover the variety of our best products (Bata Ringan Murah, Renovasi Rumah, Semen Instan, Panel Pager Beton, Panel Lantai Murah, Jasa Bangun Rumah) with quality and the best price you can get.

PT. Tiga Mitra

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