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Panel Floor Grand Elephant
Panel Floor Grand Elephant
Panel Floor Grand Elephant
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20 Dec 2017
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Specification of

Grand Elephant Floor Panel
This floor panels are manufactured by PT. Surya Indogreen designed to meet the needs of modern construction where speed, cost and strength that meet the normative standards become an unavoidable demand.
The iron reinforcement or structures inside the Grand Elephant floor panels are planned and built to bear the weight of the structure, the live load and transport load and are protected with anti-rust to ensure the durability of the building's life.
The Grand Elephant floor panels can be placed on lightweight brick walls as bear walls or over concrete beams or steel beams using suitable mortar standards.
For general people in the city of Jember of course there are many who are so familiar with the function, excellence and how to install panels of the Grand Elephant floor, for that do not be confused and hesitate to contact us in the framework of consultation and survey related to the installation of floor panels of Grand Elephant.
Specification of Grand Elephant Floor Panel
Strong Press (N / mm2) = 6.5
Nominal Type Weight (kg / m3) = 650
Weight Planning (kg / m3) = 750
Bebean Imposed (kg / m2) = 405
Width = 60 cm
Thickness = 12.5 cm
Length = 150 cm, 175 cm, 200 cm, 225 cm, 250 cm, 275 cm, 300 cm, 325 cm
Excellence of the Grand Elephant Floor Panel
Lightweight yet strong, specific gravity 750 kg / m3 and compressive strength 6.5 N / mm2, imposed load 405 kg / m2
Does not require heavy equipment (crane)
Steady, flat surface and does not experience shrinkage thereby reducing the risk of leaks in the connection.
No significant deformation due to own load.
Very low thermal conductivity
Produced in factories not in the field so that the consistency of quality standards can be controlled and maintained.
Grand elephant floor panels do not require buffer wood, dry concrete waiting time and work formwork so that it can be done quickly, clean from wood waste and other materials.

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