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Cement and Drymix Concrete
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08 Apr 2019
10 zak
IDR 73.000

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Cement and Drymix Concrete
Drymix Thin Bed 101 Lightweight Brick Adhesives
What is Thinbed? Thinbed is one type of mortar cement that is intended for light brick work for wall work or also referred to as lightweight brick adhesive. Lightweight brick installation is not recommended using cement mortar as in the installation of red brick because conventional cement mortar is not compatible with lightweight brick because light bricks made from silica sand instead of ordinary black sand, mortar cement using the aggregate of silica sand so it is more suitable and fit the thinbed in order to have more adhesive power.
Drymix Thin Bed 101 lightweight brick adhesive is manufactured by considering the practicality and ease of application as a lightweight brick adhesive in lightweight brick installation for house walls or high rise buildings. Its use is very easy only added water only, then stirred manually or using a stirrer machine after that the bias is directly used with only a thickness of 3 mm only. You can stir it by hand or machine for a wider application. The quality of our product performance is much better than the mixing in the field.
Drymix Thinbed 101 can be used as a lightweight brick adhesive of lightweight AAC or CLC brick and can be used on all brands of lightweight AAC bricks on the market, any light brick brand Drymix Thinbed 101 still has high adhesive power.
* Power is strong adhesive
* Efficient material because only with the thickness of the species of lightweight brick only 3 mm.
* The result of brick pairs more precise, neat, flat and clean.
* Save time due to faster workmanship because of practical and easy to use.
* Consistency of mixture is maintained,
Application of Thin Bed 101 Lightweight Brick Adhesives
The preparation stage of light brick work
Clean the surface of dirt, dust, oils, grease, wax, paint and harmful particles attached to the surface of the AAC lightweight brick
Mixing stage mortar mortar
Recommended using mixing machine. If not, mixing can be done manually. Add the water gradually and stir until blended for 3 or 4 minutes. Proper mixing is very important to obtain good results on this product.



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