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Cement and Concrete Cement Mortar "Mortar Utama or MU"
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Cement and Concrete Cement Mortar "Mortar Utama or MU"
Cement Mortar Mortar Utama brand? This mortar cement brand may be considered a pioneer of mortar cement in terms of lightweight brickwork in Indonesia, similar to Hebel's light brick in Jakarta. Mortar Utama is known as cement mortar which has the best quality almost no complaints about the good quality for lightweight brick, plasteran, acian, gouting and so on.
Mortar Utama is produced by PT. Cipta Mortar Utama, which is a national company part of international company Weber Saint Global, since 1996 and until now still a top choice about high quality.
Main Cement Mortar Advantages:
1. Very high adhesive quality so as to avoid the occurrence of cracked hair on lightweight and concrete brick wall because Mortar Utama made of quality sand that is the choice and mixing process of cement and sand using modern computerized technology.
2. Standard European raw materials in selection through a series of rigorous selection tests by adjusting the laboratory test, using only selected silica sand with the specified aggregate size for its intended use, best quality cement, premium filler and additives from Europe.
3. Cement mortar composition Main Mortar berstandart Europe, Each mortar and silica sand each type is not made general but has a certain standard for each application, the exact composition meyesuaikan with the technical character of the material and the condition of the place.
 4. Cement mortar Mortar Utama uses modern production machinery and technology from Germany which is not owned by the middle to lower grade mortar producers. European class technology operated with integrated computer to produce a series of high quality instant cement products. Starting from the stage of selection of raw materials, the production process until the packaging stage and refers to international standards.
5. Curing time (time required by mortar to achieve optimum state) in Mortar Utama product is much shorter compared to conventional way (mixing cement and sand separately in the field) so as to provide cost efficiency of workmanship due to time savings, without the process of sifting sand, combustion and mixing of cement and sand.
6. Spread the use of mortar Main Mortar Cement provides cost efficiency from cost savings budget. By using the Main Mortar then the material requirements planning and budget spent more certain.

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